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Who are we

The consulting team is a professional team which provides analytical reporting, consulting, and bespoke IT solutions. From the large project to the smaller bespoke solution, the products we build are fit for purpose and cost-effective.

What we do

The purpose of our team is to provide an innovative approach to solving complex problems. Our experienced consultants can help with a range of aspects from project managing and streamlining existing processes to benefiting your bottom line through implementing new IT solutions / automation.

Our Services

Data Visualisation

A range of BI solutions available from multi-DHB analytics to smaller bespoke solutions

System Automation

Better leverage existing resources and skillsets, to produce more results with less

Database & Software

Utilising the latest technology to simplify systems and build efficacies

General Consulting

Providing answers to the questions that you didn’t know you had


Fiona Cleland – NOS BOPDHB

Nova Health assisted with the data migration and data analysis for the National Oracle Solution implementation in the Bay of Plenty DHB. They built reports and providing system advice and assisted with troubleshooting based on his knowledge and experience in

Fiona Cleland

Arthur Dominick – Project Bedrock BOPDHB

It has been great getting to know you Sam, and for someone so young you have achieved so much…and continue to achieve. I have huge respect for your accomplishments both inside and outside the team, and deeply enjoy your natural

Arthur Dominick