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Updated May 2022

Auckland (Ponsonby) based training days available in a variety of topics – Prices vary (@ $150-200 per day)


Nearly all NZ Hospices provide education/training. Click on the Hospice in your area to access their training and dates

They have PalEd on-line learning link: just need to e-mail them to obtain access to log in. Clinical Guidelines & Drug Protocols related to Palliative Care are also freely available for download.

First Thursday of each month. 0730-0830: at your local hospice.

Previous lectures are available on the Hospice NZ website.

The links to previous lectures are half-way down the page. Click on the link, Just fill in your details & you will have full free access. Duration, just under 1 hour for each lecture. If you would like to log education hours & gain a certificate for this, write a short reflection on the topic & how the learning impacts your practice ( NZNO Guideline to reflective writing & Continuing Education Reflection Template may be useful ). E-mail your reflection to

  • Fundamentals of Palliative Care. Cost $60 for the 3-day course;
  • Palliative care for caregivers Training Programme. Cost $25;
  • Syringe Driver Competency Programme. No cost at most Hospices, some do charge a nominal fee.

Direct form Hospice Waikato webpage: “This programme is endorsed by Hospice NZ and will take around 2 hours to complete, to register you will require a login to PalEd which can be obtained by emailing the Paled Administrator the following information: name, email address, job title, name of ARRC facility employed by. This programme is free of charge.

  • If a nurse successfully passes the online syringe driver competency programme they can then enrol in the 1-hour practical competency workshop to gain their certificate of competency.
  • If a nurse fails the online components, they will be contacted by Hospice Waikato and individual tuition will be offered.
  • 1-hour practical session dates will be offered beginning in January and there will be a charge of $20 to cover resources and equipment supplies.
  • 1-hour practical sessions will also be available in rural areas if there are adequate numbers.

To book a 1-hour practical competency workshop, please click HERE to make a booking. Please note you cannot book this session until you have passed the theory and drug calculation tests online as mentioned above.”

PHARMAC no longer provides face-to-face seminars for health preofessionals. However, you can watch any of their previous videos from the seminars. Watching the PHARMAC videos counts towards your CPD/CPE points.

Triage Course. Cost $550 for College of Emergency Nursing Members, $650 for non-members.

Includes approx. 20 hrs pre-reading and course=work + two-day course.

He Ako Hiringa provides relevant up-to-date information on any new medicines funded by PHARMAC, and spotlights PHARMAC’s medicines access equity areas of focus: diabetes, respiratory health, gout and cardiovascular disease.

He Ako Hiringa


All Staff


There is a requirement to have had training/education at least once in the following: code of conduct, consumer rights (including informed consent, confidentiality, privacy), cultural safety / Treaty of Waitangi.

All staff are required to maintain yearly update education in: infection prevention & control (hand hygiene, etc.), and updates every 2 years for manual handling.

RNs & ENs are required to have yearly medication management certification. Nova supports ‘best practice’ and therefore strongly recommends the yearly update of medication management.

Preferred, but not a requirement: NZ Early Warning Score Vital sign chart user guide July 2017 (NEWS) First Aide Certification (needs to be updated every 2 years).

Highly recommended for all staff to undertake training/education in CALM Communications, Disability equity, documentation, accident/incident reporting, personal safety, non-violent crisis intervention/challenging behaviour, abuse & neglect, falls prevention, restraint, emergency evacuation/fire safety, Maori health & health equity, Pacific cultural awareness, Understanding bias in healthcare, death/tangihanga, sexuality.

If involved in handling food, safe food handling training is needed.

If involved in laundry services, laundry & cleaning training is needed

We provide access to training, but it is your responsibility to maintain your training requirements.

Please send us a copy of the training/education you undertake so we can keep your file up-to-date.


Clinical Assessments

Clinical Assessment: Part 1 – These should be in your staff introduction/information pack. All care staff (RNs, ENs & carers/HCAs) need to complete this practical assessment 3 times to complete the requirements for working for Nova Health.

Clinical Assessment: Part 2 – You may be asked to complete this as a ‘one-off’; we will provide you with a copy if required.

Medicine Management (Nova Health). For RNs, ENs & HCAs.

Both part 1 and part 2 need to be completed. Instructions are on the documents.

Part 1: Medication Management

Part 2: Medication Competency Practical Assessment


Newly added


Ko Awatea

For Waikato DHB and private hospital e.g. Southern Cross placements please complete the courses required by the DHBs, as noted in the Ko Awatea link below.


Medi-Map,  eCase & VCare systems

These are electronic medication management systems, observation tools, charts and information used at many of the facilities we support to assist with patient care.


Education Calendars: DHBs & others:


Additional education online, & Websites with relevant educational material


First Aid courses

Although it is not essential to have a current First Aid Certificate, a Comprehensive first aid is preferred if working in the healthcare sector. Here are a few who provide 1st Aid training. Costs range between $150 – $200.


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