Professional Health Consultancy - Company

With a dedicated team and intimate knowledge of the health system we can help guide you through.



The health sector is extremely complex and at times it can be daunting to navigate. Numerous funding models, legislative hurdles, new software and systems, complex business relationships; the list goes on. Allow us to help you. Experienced consultants can help with a range of aspects from project managing and streamlining processes to benefiting your bottom line through implementing new IT solutions/automation.



At Nova our specialist staff work in a very close partnership with district health boards, local hospices, doctors, district nurses and an array of organisations. These diverse working relationships provide added value and a level of innovation second to none. Our experienced staff have worked on projects from national implementations to local market analysis.

Ultimately health is about better, sooner and more convenient health care for the patient. This is never easy in a system with ever increasing demands. System automation, streamlined processes and best practice can aid in many ways. Everything from more throughput for the same costs to bringing down costs so resources can be re-allocated to where they are needed most. We are here to help.



When it comes to getting someone in to improve services, there should be no compromise. We work with experienced staff who have successful track records. Our staff have presented at national and international conferences on successful projects, implemented regional IT systems, reviewed services, etc. We also understand that not all projects will need an expert consultant for all the work. As such, our staff do our bit to help local universities and their students to up-skill, thereby helping to make rates more affordable (when a university student is appropriate as defined by you).

Key types of skills:

  • Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Service reviews
  • Database development
  • Integration Services
  • Mobile and web development

Our consultants have an array of clinicians from a range of specialities; this gives them a unique edge. We aim to understand your business and build constructive lasting relationships to ensure continued ongoing benefits to both our organisations and the health sector as a whole.

If you would like to discuss how we can help, or if you happen to be a consultant in health who is interested in working with us, please email