Professional Health Consultancy - Individual

With a dedicated team and intimate knowledge of the health system, we can help guide you through.



The health sector is extremely complex and at times can be daunting to negotiate on your own. Allow us to help you with everything from your rights and expectations through to finding the best help and access to services that can benefit you.



At Nova, our specialist staff work in a very close partnership with families, local hospices, doctors, district nurses, district health boards and an array of organisations to help provide the best wrap around care and support for each individual and their family.

Working with these organisations and healthcare professionals ensures good communication, maximum access to additional support, and continuity with consistency of care.



When it comes to healthcare there should be no compromise. You may be eligible for some healthcare funding; it won’t pay for all the bills, but it can often be a significant help.

Funding is available through local, regional and national organisations and comes in various forms. Most of the time it is based on a ‘needs assessment’ (NASC) designed to work out what is best suited for you. This is performed by various agencies, dependant on your location.

Funding and support can get complicated and vary from region to region. No matter what your situation we can help ensure you’re on the right path.