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Nova Health’s Mission:

Nova Health is committed to providing an exceptional level of care and service to all its clients through communication, education, innovation and passion.


Sam was a Nova Health nurse previously. He has worked in a range of clinical settings in health and due to several significant events in his early teens, he developed a passion for palliative care. Training as a nurse wasn’t enough, he wanted to make bigger changes in health. However, as we know, healthcare is a complex business so he went into a Masters in Management to learn new skills. He continued to work with Nova Health during his studies. Post graduation he worked in a range of positions at Waikato Hospital and moved into a regional role a few years back. During his time in health he has worked to solve numerous issues and has presented locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in a range of forums.

Andrew was brought on board to provide some extra expertise. His background and training is in hospitality and hotel management. He enjoys being able to look after people and cater to their specific needs in pressure and time-poor situations. A strategic thinker, he enjoys dealing with complex situations and working directly with customers, clients and staff. With the belief that people are key to any great business, he was excited to have the opportunity to manage Nova Health, whose reputation precedes it. Andrew has acquired skills related to the health sector very quickly, and with the wider support of the clinical team, he has developed a knowledge base that makes him adept to deal with most clinical situations.

Sam provides support in maintaining clinical leadership, trouble-shooting and consulting while Andrew leads the operational aspect of the business, which gives Nova Health an added edge.


Nova Health was established in April 2008, aiming to fill a gap in the market and support palliative patients within the community. Sam and Andrew have led Nova Health since 2015. Sam brings experience as a Registered Nurse and Project Management Health Consultant while Andrew brings his operational skills and wider business acumen. Together they have built Nova Health into what it is today; supporting a range of District Health Boards and wider community clients.



Nova Health is very fortunate to have a close-knit team of highly experienced and dedicated nurses, caregivers and support workers. We are like one big family and make every effort to deliver the best care possible. Our organisation is very personable and we believe in building strong relationships with all our clients and staff in order to deliver a high level of quality service. We have a staff member on-call, so we can focus on what’s most important; looking after our clients and patients. We do not out-source to a call-centre.