FAQ - Nova Health

Questions about Specialist Care at Home

Am I getting qualified people?

Yes. We have set the bar very high in our selection criteria for clinical staff. There are requirements for qualifications and training that give you peace of mind our staff know what they are doing.

Aren’t you just providing ‘home care’?

Yes and no. Yes, we are providing care in the home, but no, it’s certainly not just ‘home care’. Home care is a more general care for those that need a hand at home, such as getting out of bed. These services may be provided to anyone from the elderly to someone under ACC.

Although we do provide this assistance, our focus is for higher needs clients over the longer-term.

Can I receive 24-hour care?

Certainly, and depending on your circumstances we may be able to organise some funding for you.

What areas does Nova Health cover/provide care?

Nova Health currently looks after clients and facilities in the wider Waikato, Bay of Plenty & Auckland regions.

How much will I pay?

This will depend on the type of care needed. We have a range of staff from Healthcare Assistants to Enrolled Nurses and highly experienced Registered Nurses. Our rates though are very competitive. We do not charge additional fees for nights or for weekends; one flat simple rate.

Will I need to pay mileage?

Depending on your location in relation to central cities/towns there may be a mileage charge that we’ll clarify with you at the time of booking.

Questions about Facility Support

As a facility can I get staff with specific skills?

Yes, at Nova Health we pride ourselves on having high quality skilled staff. If there are particular skills you need, whether it is generic (e.g. Palliative, dementia experience, etc.) or highly specialised (paediatric palliative care or condition specific skills), please let us know and we will do our best to arrange appropriate staff.

Do we pay mileage for your staff?

No, not normally.

If your facility is a considerable distance from main regional city centres then there may be a flat mileage charge. We’ll cover this with you when setting up your profile in our database.

Do you charge penal rates?


We have no additional penal charges for nights or weekends. Just one standard, flat fee per hour.

Questions about working for Nova Health

Do I need special skills to work for Nova Health?

Yes- you’ll need relevant experience in the healthcare sector.

See our ‘jobs’ page for more info.

Do I pay for my own uniform?


We provide you with a uniform top and ID card. You’ll need to wear your own blue or black trousers.

Do I get paid Mileage?

Yes and No.

At Nova Health, we pay our staff what we charge our clients. Some clients/facilities which are a considerable distance away for many of our staff do attract mileage payments. However, where possible, we try our best to place staff close to where they live.

What sorts of training will be provided?

Nova aims to support its staff to up-skill and enable them to be comfortable working in an array of clinical environments.

All staff have access to the National DHB training solution- Ko Awatea. We also have various training and up-skilling opportunities throughout the year.