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Questions about Palliative Care

Am I getting qualified people?

Very qualified. All our team undergo specific palliative care training. We also only choose those that have a good rapport and attitude towards our strong palliative care focus.

Aren’t you just providing home care?

Yes and no. Yes, we are providing care in the home, but no, it’s certainly not just ‘home care’. Home care is a more general care for those that need a hand at home, such as getting out of bed. These services may be provided to anyone from the elderly to someone under ACC.

Although we do provide this assistance, it is for clients that are terminally ill and as a result, we are specifically trained.

Can I receive 24-hour care?

Certainly, and depending on your circumstances we may be able to organise some funding for you.

What areas does Nova cover/provide care?

Nova Health currently looks after clients and facilities in the wider Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Rotorua, Gisborne, and Hawkes Bay regions.

How much will I pay?

This will depend on the type of care needed. We have a range of staff from Caregivers to Enrolled Nurses and highly experienced Registered Nurses. Our rates though are very competitive. We do not charge extra for nights or for weekends; one flat simple rate. We find this makes things easier for everyone concerned.

Will I need to pay mileage?

90% of the time mileage will not be charged. Nova Health avoids additional charges as much as possible. However, it will depend on where you live/wish to receive care. If we have a staff member who lives within a reasonable distance (in a nearby city/town) there will be no mileage charged.

If you are living in a very rural location do talk to us. We specialise in palliative care and have access to a range of options which may avoid the need for mileage charges.

Questions about Nursing

As a facility can I get staff with specific skills?

Yes, at Nova Health we pride ourselves in having high quality skilled staff in a range of areas. If there are particular skills you need, whether it is generic (e.g. Palliative, dementia experience, etc.) or highly specialised (paediatric palliative care or condition specific skills), please let us know and will do our best to arrange staff with those specific skills for you.

Do we pay mileage for your staff?

No, not normally. Nova Health has an advanced database which identifies the closest staff member to your facility. This means we can better respond to short notice shifts and removes the need for almost all sites to pay mileage.

If your site is significantly far from all our available staff, we may charge mileage. However, this will be arranged prior to any staff attending your site and would be on a case by case basis.

Do you really, not charge penal rates?

That’s right; no penal rates, no night rates, no weekend rates, no night weekend rates.

At Nova, we like to keep things simple. One flat fee means less administration costs for us and less fees for you, which is why the base rate we pay our staff is slightly higher. Give us a call. I think you will find we are very affordable.

Questions about working for Nova

Do I need special skills to work in palliative care?

No, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a registered nurse, caregiver or someone just looking for a career change. Our team consists of people that who have been involved in palliative care for many years, and we can provide access to all the training you need.

The only requirement is: compassion, good communication skills, the right attitude and passion for the job.

Do I pay for my own uniform?

Nope. We provide you with a shirt and you wear your own blue or black trousers. The uniform top/shirt we supply is quite cool and dries quickly after washing. We also have other types of clothing, such as jackets and sweaters, which we heavily subsidise for you.

Do I get paid Mileage?

Yes and No. At Nova Health, we pay our staff what we charge our clients. Some clients/facilities which are a considerable distance away for many of our staff, so these do attract mileage payments. However, we try our best to place staff close to where they live to dispense with mileage payment and the need to charge our clients this additional cost. Similarly, palliative clients who live far away may be charged mileage, in which case you will be paid the same amount we charge our clients. Nova does not take a cut of mileage costs, as we believe that would be improper.

What sorts of training will be provided?

Nova aims to support its staff to up skill to enable them to be comfortable working in an array of care environments. If you get a job at Nova and wish to learn more about an area of care that interests you, do let us know and we will endeavour to link you in with these environments and resources.

Questions about Staff

Where can I find information about facilities?

Check the staff side of the website under facilities.