Donnelle's Testimonial - Nova Health

Donnelle’s Testimonial

Nova Health provided my family with a level of care and compassion that made Mums last month’s calming and peaceful.

Mum was diagnosed with MND and the downward spiral happened very quickly. We moved mum into a lovely private rest home but it became apparent within a month that she needed more than the hospital level care could provide. They did all they could and were exceptional to mum but mum required 24/7 constant assistance, not just for her physical needs (she quickly lost the use of all her fine motor skills, she couldn’t even push the emergency button) but also her emotional needs. She was also anxiousness and stressed, something that comes with still having a sharp mind trapped in a body that doesn’t work anymore.

Nova Health were able to provide an exceptional level of experienced carers that took care of mums needs not just physically but also emotionally. They were able to accommodate and anticipate mums needs from day shift to 24/7 shifts. We all live overseas, Dad had passed away a few years ago, having Nova Health Carers allowed us to continue to communicate with mum when we were not with her back in our home countries by face time/skype, they would hold the phone for mum to see us and us her, they understood mums slurred speech and could interpret for us, additionally they provided additional levels of care with massage and goal setting, reading to her, helping her write cards and letters to allowed her communication to continue through them and most importantly be a voice for mum as she could not communicate any longer. Their experience showed through when they could guide the nurses on the best ways of interaction or attending to her needs that they may have missed simply because they could not spend the same amount of time that the Nova staff could.

In the final stages, they understood mums illness (MND) well and knew the signs to ensure we were there with mum in her final weeks, to ensure she was never alone and cared for every minute of every day. They helped us transition and get our heads around it and were a calming presence in the room not just for mum but for us also.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nova Health and can’t thank them enough for the level of care they provided to mum in her last months with us.